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Niky's Cleaning Chicago

 You don't have the time... But we do! Save your valuable time and use the no hassle service of Niky's Cleaning Chicago.

 About Our Cleaning Services Chicago: Cleaning Services Chicago by Niky's. We offer competitive and fair prices tailored to meet your needs whether is a small area or multiple floors. Niky's Cleaning Chicago has the complete solution to your cleaning problems. He then knows how to clean not only windows, but also any material like marble or metal, a house front could be made of. Unthinkable someone would ruin the house front of an luxurious home. We use our knowledge to decide (before we touch anything) what it could be cleaned with, best. For more informations visit cleaning services page.

 Our Mission: We believe that cleaning is is a respectable job and we take our work very serious and have a lot of pride in everything we do for you.

 Cleaning Services We Provide: Vacuum cleaning of all floors, wet cleaning where necessary and dusting of all fans, furniture and paintings, pictures etc. Sanitizing the bathroom, leaving everything with the brightest shine possible and disinfecting every necessary corner and surface. Changing sheets in the bedroom if necessary and leaving it dust free so you can get the rest you need. Treating the cabinet surface where necessary, cleaning the entire kitchen so no bred crumble can be found.

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Our Address: 4058 North Keystone Ave, #3w, Chicago, IL, 60641, Phone: (773) 822-3618