My Favourite Book Printer

It took me a while to find a book printing company in Exeter that could give me what I wanted. A printer that could turn my books around in just a few days.

I found a printer based in Exeter, Devon UK at an equestrian center. A funny little place actually. But, they print some amazing books. My book about cleaning is 150 pages long and it is in A5. They managed to give me a better price than and Mixam. was a close runner up.

I suggest you get your book printing services done with Imprint Digital as the process is ever so simple and the service is fantastic. They even have a clear and easy to use book spine width calculator.

Book printing in the UK has grown massively over the last few years. There is a lot more choice for printing now. Short-run digital printing is taking over the industry. You no longer need to print massive run of books with such a large outlay.

That’s what I did and what I found beneficial. Getting only a few hundred books printed at any one time instead of spending thousands have worked out to be a lot better especially for hardback book printing.

I can test the waters with a short book printing length and see if the book sells. If it does sell then I can keep using Imprint Digital and print lower run lengths or I can decide to print larger quantities elsewhere as I know the book will sell.

If you need help on deciding where to print your book take a look on youtube or watch the videos below.

Other printers that were considered – cmpBook BabyCPI Print

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