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When you are self-publishing it can be difficult to find the right printer for your book. Especially if you are a new author looking to break into a market where millions of books are getting printed each year.

With so many book printers to choose from you need to make sure you do your research sufficiently and get the right company. This will make such a difference. You also need to have a look and see if they print digitally or offset.

Most self-publishing authors will be getting their books printed from a short-run digital printing company instead of an offset printer. Most offset printers will print from 1,000 copies up and can be quite expensive.

Printing 1,000 copies of your book is a large investment that most self-publishers will not be able to afford. You should also think about whether or not you have enough readers for your 1,000 copies plus your books.

Most authors will need to have a heavy marketing plan to print that amount of books.

Digital marketing plays a massive role in getting your books in the hands of your readers. You want to make as many people aware of your book as possible so you can print more books. The more books you print at any one time then the cheaper the unit cost of your books will be.

Usually, digital printing starts from about 10 copies but there are several book printing companies who will do print on demand like these. Printing on demand is the process of getting 1 copy of your book printed when 1 copy is ordered and having it shipped directly to the customer.

This can be good to save on the initial investment of book printing and can work out well for the reader as they can usually get copies quite quickly.

Benefits of Print on Demand

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