Spine Width Calculator

Deciding on the Size for your Book Spine

Your book’s spine will depend on a few different options; paper type, paperweight, and the cover weight. If your book has only a few pages then your spine width will be smaller than if you had lots of pages. For example, a novel will have many pages and a lot bigger spine compared to a smaller booklet. Novel’s spine widths can measure from 15mm to 50mm such as Stephen King’s books. Having a large spine for your book can make your book seem professional and will allow you to have some unique designs printed on the spine. Having a smaller style of the spine will be difficult to have anything too detailed as it will be hard to read.

A normal book spine will have the book title, subtitle, author name and usually the publishing company. You can look to have other things on the spine if the measurement allows, such as a logo for the publishing company or if you are a self-published author you may want to have your own logo printed on it.

Your cover designer will usually ask you for the spine width measurement for your book which you can get here.  They will design the front and back cover with a spine size design in the middle. This cover will then wrap around your completed book. You can get many covers printed and design by a lot of designers but my two choices are – 99designs.co.uk and fiverr.com. These two companies offer you a lot of choices for your cover design. They will do an eBook cover and the printed book cover for you. Make sure you have the final page count of your book so you can calculate the spine size to give to your designer.

If you don’t have this measurement yet but you still want to have your cover design then make sure you ask your designer if they can make amendments to the book spine at a later date. This will then mean you can proceed with your book printing and have the book spine altered after you have made any changes to the final copy of your book.